Right the First Time

Right the First Time
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Right the First Time is a program that focuses on ethics and ethical behavior. This program is about doing the right thing –all the time, every time--even when no one is watching.  The program illustrates scenarios where doing the right thing is challenged, but then we see the how the ethical decision is the correct decision—and what may happen if that decision isn’t made. 


At the end of this program, participants will be able to: 

  1. Recognize when true ethical behavior is exhibited.
  2. State what we are to do if we see unethical behavior happening.
  3. Recall reason why some people choose to act unethically.
  4. In given scenarios, identify ethical and unethical behaviors.



I.  Introduction           
II.  Why People Act Unethically           
III.  Scenario 1:  Stop Light Challenge 

  • You are able to get a trip to the gym completed a little early.
  • To do so you must run a red light--even though no on is watching.
  • What should you do?

Scenario 2:  Performer/Verifier

  • A Verify is asked to sign for something she hadn’t actually witnessed happen.
  • In essence the Verifier was asked to falsify data.
  • What should the Verifier do?

IV.  Scenario 3: Batch record review

  • A batch record reviewer is asked to speed up the process
  • In order to meet a requested deadline the reviewer must hurry through the process.
  • How should the reviewer handle this request? 

V.  Scenario 4:  Adverse Event reporting

  • You hear of an adverse event.
  • Reporting the requisite information will take time—and energy.
  • What do you do?

 VI.   Scenario 5:  SOP Update

  • An SOP is not being followed—it needs to be updated
  • Do you follow the incorrect SOP and “fudge” the data?
  • Or, do you figure out how to do the process correctly?

 DVD:  Running time: 15 minutes

Program package includes:

  • Leader's Guide
  • Disucussion Guide and Answer Key
  • Assessment and Answer Key

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