Purely Coincidental (AKA: Duke the Dead Dog)

Purely Coincidental (AKA:  Duke the Dead Dog)
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This program, while aimed at food factory employees, lays on the heavy melodrama to make its point about food safety. . .and what can happen when procedures aren’t followed.  This is the story of two workers who inadvertently ruin each other's lives by carelessly disregarding the procedures around hygiene and food safety by not washing their hands, ignoring safety warnings, etc. 

This program features two guys who like to hunt.  One works in a dog food plant, the other in a food processing plant. Both plants are full of procedure violations.  The guy who works in the dog food plant uses a drill to fix a broken canning line, creating iron shavings which he casually brushes into an empty can. Before he can dispose of the can, he is called away from the line, and another clueless worker puts the can on the line to be filled with dog food. Meanwhile, the guy who works in the food processing plant gets grease all over his fingers fixing a broken packaging machine, then handles dough with the same greasy fingers. By an incredible coincidence, his prize hunting dog is killed from eating the dog food with the iron shavings in it, while a package of contaminated food is eaten by the dog food plant guy's little girl, who gets a bad case of food poisoning.   Both guys complain bitterly to their friends that people in those other plants just don't care about food safety and following proper procedures. 

 DVD Running time:  15 minutes

Program Package Includes:

  • Leader’s Guide
  • Discussion Guide and Answer Key
  • Assessment and Answer Key


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