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FOCUS on GXPs includes six individual programs that get to the heart of human error and GXP issues by reminding employees to focus on their job—before doing it! 

Everyone needs to be reminded to keep their focus on their job—and FOCUS on GXPs is the perfect way to make sure that happens. These six real-world programs are based on actual incidents and shot in a pharmaceutical manufacturing facility. They show what can happen when employees lose their focus on the job.

What's FOCUS? It's used as an acronym that encourages people to: 

F–  Focus on their job

Focus on the job at hand. Give it all your attention. Don't let yourself be distracted or preoccupied with something else. Talk to everyone involved with the job so all of you clearly understand what's to be done.   

O– Organize their work

Organize your work so well that you won't have a chance to make mistakes. A well-organized workplace helps you stay error free.  

C– Check their procedures

Check the SOPs for the job. Don't do the job until you've checked those all-important operating procedures. They're your guide for consistent work.  

U– Use the right tools and equipment; wear the appropriate clothing

Use the right tools and equipment for the job. Make sure that they're in good condition. And wear the proper clothing required for the job.

S–  Sum up the job when it's complete

Did you do the job as intended? Did you document the work properly? It's a chance to ensure you followed all the FOCUS steps before you leave any job. 

In each FOCUS on GXPs episode, we see someone doing a job incorrectly because he/she didn't take the time to “FOCUS” on the job before starting. The result – deviations, loss of product or wasted time. A narrator appears and explains how important it is to focus on doing a job before doing it. Each component in FOCUS is explained. Finally, the situation or a similar situation is repeated, this time with the employee going through the FOCUS components before doing the job, with the correct, positive result. 

DVD Running time: 10-12 minutes each program. 

Program Materials:

  • Leader's Guide
  • Discussion Guide and Answer Key
  • Assessment and Answer Key
  • Posters

Program available in eLearning format or for distribution on company website.  See License Type below for details.

Episode Synopsis  

Program Overview: Learn about the FOCUS on GXPs concept. 

DVD 1: In "Focus is Key" we see an employee ignoring the use of the FOCUS concept as he hooks a line to the wrong vessel inlet connection. The result—a million dollar loss of product all because he didn't FOCUS on the job at hand. During another transfer we see the employee using the FOCUS concept and is rewarded by completing the job successfully. 

DVD 2: In "A Failure to Communicate", a shift change creates confusion and mis-communication when a supervisor forgets to FOCUS on what he needs to know to schedule production runs in order to meet a filling schedule. This video reminds people to FOCUS on communication during shift changes. 

DVD 3: In "Check and Double Check" two employees get distracted as they're taking a pH reading. Their lack of FOCUS leads them to sign off on a batch production record that shows the pH is out of specification. The solution: FOCUS on the job at hand, and sum up the job to ensure that it's the way it was intended. 

DVD 4: In "Correct It or Report It" a headband snaps off a face shield and ends up contaminating a batch of product. A number of employees spot the problem but don't do anything about it. No one wants to be the bearer of bad news and slow down production, and besides, "the next person will handle it." The result? A loss of six runs of product, and a re-thinking of what it means to FOCUS on the job.

DVD 5:  In "Something’s Gotta Give" we see Rasheed, a laboratory technician, persuade John, another lab tech, to abandon the FOCUS concept and shortcut a laboratory procedure.  The result is a failed assay and a loss of time in product disposition.   Later, we see the John with the failed assay failed remind Rasheed how important it is to focus on the job as he walks him through the FOCUS steps.

DVD 6:   “Control Room??" is any but!  An out-of-control control room with people coming and going asking for information, informing Matthew, the operator, of tests and work going on in his area.  When an alarm goes off Matthew thinks he has it covered—but he doesn’t and a batch is lost.  Later, we see the scene replayed—this time with Matthew focusing on his job and doing things correctly.  


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